Our Company

Raunaq Group of Industries is part of first generation entrepreneur group in India, which has been established and operating for the last 30 years. Our group has interests in manufacturing, engineering services, international trade and financial services. We have Technical & Financial collaborations and joint ventures with leading companies in USA, Germany, Japan and Norway.

The management since inception has been focused on single parameter which guide mainly "quality". The relentless pursuit of quality whether in equipment, manufacturing practices, and system product has led the Company to be the market leader in its various spheres of operation. Its products finds wide acceptance in quality conscious international market.

What Raunaq Group of Industries means to millions of people

It means a chance to thousands of people to contribute to the nation’s economic growth and employment. Working harmoniously in Raunaq factories dotted all over the country. It’s the opportunity that every man employed in the Raunaq Group has, for a better quality of life. It is belonging to a common cause to become a part of a weave that touches the fabric of national life.

It means a quality product to our thousands of consumers, a sense of belonging to our employees, growth and development to our business associates and a means of higher earnings to our shareholders.

Summary of the Groups status

  • Bharat Steel Tubes Ltd: is one of India’s leading steel tube manufacturers. It is also the pioneer company of the Raunaq Group – commissioned in the early sixties, in collaboration with Abbey Etna, USA.
  • Menareni Runaq Pharma Ltd.: It is a Pharmaceutical Joint Venture with Menarini S.P.A Italy and has undertaken the production of life saving cardiovascular drugs, some of them being made the first time in the country.
  • Som Datt Breweries Ltd: Is in the process of setting up a state of the art Brewery in Rajasthan near Delhi. The construction has started and the brewery is expected to be in production in 2009.
  • Reliance Overseas Ltd: Is the trading arm of the Group. The company trades in commodities and has direct access to manufacturers around the globe.